This will be a place to come to quickly see if any thing in terms of support has changed and been updated on this site. If you are interested in the full set of cosmetic updates to the site, please see the commits on Github.

Korean translation added thanks to Sujin Lee!

Adds link to pablo.js from premasagar.

Russian translation added thanks to meritt!

Note on a spriting sizing issue in IE9 & 10 added. If you want to use an SVG sprite as you would a PNG sprite in CSS you need to make sure the width and height attributes are included in the SVG code.

Note on <embed> not being part of any spec removed as it is indeed part of the HTML5 spec.

Note on inline media queries support in IE9–11 updated to say that they ignore some breakpoints instead of only letting you use one breakpoint.

Chinese translation added thanks to janily!

Site navigation updated to make linking to sections with # links easier.

Wording updated to make things clearer and sections on CSS Manipulation, JS Manipulation, and Fallbacks added.

Further optimised image added.

Site created.